Organized, armed and dangerous: France is terrorized by “ultra-yellow vests”

French intelligence is worried about extremists generated by protests.

This was reported by the French edition of News Front.

According to reports, since the end of last year, law enforcement agencies in France have repeatedly faced with radicals, who are already nicknamed the “ultra-yellow vests”. And while the police were engaged in detentions, the intelligence agencies found out information that was very unfavorable for the country. The extremists turned out to be members of organized groups, which are also very well armed.

A series of arrests began in December, when police detained several far-right radicals, among whom was a former military man and even a former robber. As it turned out, they were engaged in collecting explosive devices, which were planned to be used during street riots against police officers.

On January 23, security forces detained another extremist. He was among the demonstrators in Bordeaux. At the time of detention, he had no weapons found, but during searches of the extremist’s residence they found drugs, fireworks, hand grenades, gas masks, several sniper rifles and shotguns. He is now in custody awaiting trial next summer.

In addition, in early February, intelligence agencies exposed a whole criminal network all in the same Bordeaux. The power structures believe that extremism is not much different from terrorism, with the only difference being that it is legally considered a less serious crime.

“It is possible that they deliberately do not cross the line”, – a French intelligence officer said in a commentary to Le Point.

According to him, the large-scale protests that unfolded in France allowed the radicals to unite and establish ties. Now they prefer to act outside of Paris, as the capital’s security measures are too tough for them. Nevertheless, as the interlocutor of the publication notes, “radicalism has risen a notch.”