Moldovan opposition called on “partners” to help with election fraud

Former Prime Minister of Moldova and leader of the opposition party Action and Solidarity Maya Sandu is preparing a platform to accuse opponents of electoral fraud.

As News Front previously reported, the disparate pro-Western forces of Moldova were not able to nominate a single candidate in the upcoming presidential election. Companion Sandu and the head of the party “Dignity and Truth” Andrei Nastase has already said that he will not repeat the mistake of 2016. Then he refused to participate in favor of Sandu. The ex-prime minister, in turn, said that she would also run for president, motivating the decision with the fact that «voters will decide who will fight with Igor Dodon in the second round».

Maya Sandu also called on external “partners” to help ensure that there are no “electoral fraud” during the presidential race. At the same time, she emphasized that there were such in the last election of the head of the republic, as well as in the parliamentary elections of 2019.

According to her, the danger is the purchase of votes of voters living in Transnistria, the use of “dead souls”, as well as the use of state-controlled media resources. The last Sandu clearly points specifically to Igor Dodon, who has repeatedly threatened to remove him.

At the same time, she announced the creation of a legislative mechanism that would allow her not only to accuse her opponents of fraud, but also to take punitive measures against them.

“We will develop certain decisions, in particular the legislative order, which will eliminate existing violations and introduce sanctions against those who violate this law”, – Sandu said.

Recall that Maya Sandu lost her prime minister’s chair, creating another political crisis in the country. She tried to give herself the right to single-handedly nominate candidates for the post of prosecutor general.

She took the corresponding decision bypassing the parliament, in connection with which the legislators announced a vote of no confidence to the Sandu government. The expert community is confident that Sandu took such a provocative step consciously, as she understood her failure as a prime minister and wanted to compete for the Moldovan president’s chair. Although Sandu lags behind Dodon in the ratings, as you know, it is the United States and the European Union that put it on her right now.


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