Turkish generals say they have nothing to do with the war with Russia, the US is the one to blame

Ankara appreciated the chances of the Turkish army in a full-scale war with Russia, and they were deplorable.

This is stated in the article of the Bulgarian publication “Bulgarian Military”, dedicated to the escalation of tension in Syria.

As noted in the publication, the mood in the ranks of the Turkish army seriously changed after an attempted coup in the country in the summer of 2016. Now there are more and more dominated by nationalist ideas. But at the same time, the Turkish Armed Forces clearly understand the futility of a direct armed conflict with Russia. Even American support, if any, will not be able to save Turkey from extremely sad consequences.

The situation was assessed by the retired Admiral of the Turkish Navy Turker Ertürk. According to him, Ankara is generally unprofitable to clash with official Damascus, but the Western community is imposing this policy on it.

“To act against the Syrian leadership means to go against the interests of our country and take responsibility for the war imposed by the imperialists”, – Ertürk emphasizes.

He lamented that Washington had chosen Turkey as a mediator in the war with Russia, and Recep Tayyip Erdogan sends soldiers to die “in the name of American interests and in order to increase his own popularity and the popularity of his party”.

Brigadier General Erdal Schener, who was dismissed last summer, in turn, noted that to date, Ankara does not even have a well-developed action plan in the Syrian direction. At the same time, the so-called “security zones” that Erdogan is persistently trying to create in Syria, Shener called “a mechanism for influencing the situation in the region that the US is imposing”.

As News Front previously reported, the Russian-Turkish war is considered to be a very real outcome in Europe. They noted that for Erdogan, it would become “political and military suicide”. It is argued that France and Germany can help resolve the conflict, although they will have to pay for it.