Syrian army shot down a Turkish drone and liberated the city in the south of Idlib

On February 25, the Syrian army shot down an unmanned aerial vehicle launched by a Turkish contingent located in the province of Idlib.

This was reported by the state news agency of the Arab Republic – SANA. According to information, “a unit of the Syrian army shot down an UAV in the area of ​​the village of Dadikh in the southeast of Idlib province”.

There is no official reaction of the Turkish side regarding reports of a downed drone.

The Syrian army liberated the city of Kafr Nabal in the south of Idlib province over the past day, where the outpost of the Jebhat Fath al-Sham terrorist group (the former Jebhat al-Nusra was banned in Russia) was located. During the assault on Kafr-Nabal, government forces fired intensive rocket-artillery fire at the positions of the militants, who suffered serious losses. The enemy retreated north from the city.

Meanwhile, Syrian troops continued to advance in the south of Idlib. Information was received about the seizure of the settlements of Baarbu, Maaret al-Sin, Umm al-Sin, Baskal, Deir Sunbul, Qawra, Sahab, Al-Aziziya.