Smell of revolution not in favor of interests of the West is felt in Macedonia

The Macedonian opposition has found a weak spot for pro-Western elites, who are now paying for their desire to please Washington by preparing the country for NATO membership.

Thus, the country’s largest opposition party, “The Inner Macedonian Revolutionary Organization – Democratic Party for Macedonian National Unity” or “VMRO – DPMNE”, launched a rally in the capital of the republic. Thousands of citizens joined her, opposing the ruling pro-Western Social Democratic Union and its odious leader Zoran Zaev.

It was Zaev, being prime minister, who did everything to resolve the dispute with Greece regarding the name of his country. Even the fact that a nationwide referendum on this issue failed, Zaev ensured that the country was renamed Northern Macedonia, allowing it to take the path of obtaining NATO membership contrary to the people’s position.

Protesters at a procession in Skopje chanted the slogan: “There is no North – only Macedonia.” However, the organizers of the protest accuse the ruling forces not only of betraying the interests of their country. Zaev and his henchmen were convicted of corruption. During the protests, even previously merged earlier audio recordings of Zaev’s conversations with prosecutors were broadcast through loudspeakers, during which the fate of resonant crimes was decided bypassing justice.

“Zaev is guilty, because he is considered both the head of the government, and the prosecutor, and the judge”, – said the leader of VMRO-DPMNE Christian Mickoski. “His fault is that he is the main criminal and demagogue who sells government agencies in our country”.

As News Front previously reported, Western countries insisted on renaming Macedonia to draw it into the North Atlantic Alliance. On September 30, 2018, pro-Western forces held the notorious referendum on changing its name in the country, but citizens boycotted it. Only 36% of voters came to the plebiscite, which is why it was declared invalid. However, this did not prevent the authorities from legitimizing the agreement with Greece and amending the country’s constitution to rename Macedonia to Northern Macedonia.

It is important to note that in exchange for this the Macedonians were promised not only membership in NATO, but also entry into the European Union. However, in the end, European countries blocked the inclusion of a Balkan country in the EU, despite high-profile promises.