Expert called US sanctions “Tehran’s slow asphyxiation”

The US sanctions are one of the stages of pressure on Tehran and its “slow asphyxiation”, political analyst Boris Mezhuev told the reporters.

Earlier, the United States imposed sanctions against 13 organizations and individuals in China, Iraq, Russia and Turkey in accordance with the law on non-proliferation in Iran, North Korea and Syria, which provides for a ban on the transfer to these countries of technologies that promote the creation of nuclear, chemical, bacteriological weapons, and also their delivery vehicles.

“We see that there is triple pressure on Iran. Slow strangulation of Iran is taking place at an accelerated pace. A coronavirus epidemic is also being used to close Iran – to strike at Iranian health care and generally contacts with this country”, – Mezhuev said.

“The Americans apparently have assumptions that the social situation in Iran is tense. The totality of all these problems can lead to some kind of explosion. Moreover, certain forces are being prepared so that this explosion leads to the consequences necessary for the Americans. I think they have the assumption that an explosion is possible during this year. If it happens, then Trump will attribute it to himself as a political merit, as an achievement, this will be his most important political success”, – the expert said.

Mezhuyev drew attention to the fact that sanctions were imposed on countries “that are not held together by Euro-Atlantic solidarity.” “Or fastened, but not particularly, as Turkey, which is investing in the Iranian economy, respects this solidarity. And these countries are also hit. We are talking about those companies that cooperate with Iran and indirectly influence the formation of its missile program”, believes the analyst.

In particular, five Chinese and Turkish companies and individuals have been included in the sanctions list on charges of “supporting Iran’s missile program.” One Chinese citizen is also accused of supplying dual-use products for the Pakistan arms program. The statement by US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo did not say which Russian companies or individuals were subject to sanctions.


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