Police is investigating more than 120 cases after riots in southern Kazakhstan

Police are investigating more than 120 criminal cases after the riots in southern Kazakhstan, said Sanzhar Adilov, head of the Interior Ministry’s investigative committee, Tuesday.

On the night of February 8, mass riots erupted in Korday District, Zhambyl Oblast, in southern Kazakhstan. The riots began because of a road conflict that provocateurs were trying to turn into an inter-ethnic one, the Interior Ministry said. Eleven people died and almost 50 rioters have been detained. Dozens of private residences, commercial facilities and cars were damaged by arson. Last week, the Interior Ministry reported on “about 90 criminal cases on various episodes.

“We are currently investigating more than 120 criminal cases in Korday”,  –  Adilov told reporters.

According to him, 11 criminal cases are being investigated under the article “Murder”.


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