NATO countries have a new Star Wars plan

Sergei Lavrov said that NATO’s plans to launch weapons into space are taking on real shape.

NATO countries have a new Star Wars plan

The Russian Foreign Minister suggested developing measures acceptable to all to prevent a force confrontation in outer space.

“The plans of the United States, France, and the North Atlantic Alliance as a whole to launch weapons into space are gaining more and more real shape. We are convinced that it’s not too late to work out universally acceptable measures that can prevent a military confrontation in outer space,” the minister said, speaking at a conference on disarmament in Geneva on Tuesday.

Conference participants were familiarized with the Russian-Chinese draft treaty on preventing the placement of weapons in outer space, the use of force or the threat of force against space objects.

“For the period while such an agreement will be worked out, political obligations to not be the first to deploy weapons in outer space are called upon to play a stabilizing role. This initiative is steadily gaining more supporters,” Lavrov emphasized.


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