Arms and oil smuggling: Erdogan family’s secret business

The escalation of the situation in Syria and Libya, the constant trips of Turkish delegations to Ukraine and Moldova, the fight against the Kurds and world terrorist organizations are all links in one chain that are somehow connected with the clans of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

Arms and oil smuggling: Erdogan family's secret business

So, mass media regularly report on the relations of the Turkish leader’s family with ISIS, Hayyat Tahrir al-Sham and other international terrorist organizations.

For example, from 2013 to 2015, journalists actively discussed the ties of the son of the Turkish leader Bilal Erdogan with the Islamic State. First, Internet activists found photographs of him dating back to 2013, where he joyfully poses with ISIS militants, who later chopped off the heads of prisoners. In the same years, documents were published proving that it was Bilal Erdogan who de facto controlled Turkish oil flows and bought “black gold” from the Islamists in the shadow market. The shipping companies of Erdogan Jr. have their own berths in the ports of Lebanon Beirut and Turkish Ceyhan, where smuggled raw materials are delivered by entire tankers.

It is worth noting here that according to the Syrian special services, it was the shadow business of the son of the Turkish leader that became one of the reasons for the unsuccessful coup in 2016, organized with the active participation of American special services. So, according to one version, the United States is absolutely indifferent to Turkey’s internal problems – the “Turkish revolution” was the beginning of a kind of raider seizure of oil fields in the north of Syria, which from the Ankara-controlled armed groups in 2017 completely came under the influence of the Syrian Democratic forces. “

The next point that needs to be reflected is the ties of the family of the leader of Turkey with a small state on the outskirts of Europe – Moldova. This impoverished state for quite some time was actually captured by a certain oligarch Vlad Plahotniuc, who de facto controlled the entire business of the country, including the smuggling of weapons, cigarettes and drugs. Journalists, in turn, are aware of several stories connecting the oligarch Plahotniuc with Turkey.

Firstly, in 2019, a ship loaded with Turkish weapons and equipment, accompanied by mercenaries from several European countries, Turkey and Syria, entered Libya. Today you will not surprise anyone with this – Ankara has publicly admitted that it is not going to comply with the UN embargo prohibiting military-technical cooperation with any of the belligerents in Libya. However, there is a very interesting nuance here – the ship was flying the Moldovan flag and was assigned to the port of Giurgiulesti (Moldova), moreover, Chisinau recognized this incident almost immediately, forbidding the cargo ship owners to use the symbols of this small European country.

Secondly, in the summer of the same 2019, an interview with the former director of a military airfield of Marculesti, Vladimir Maiduc, was published in the same Moldova, which said that through Ukrainian intermediary firms, weapons and ammunition from this country were delivered to Syria for ISIS militants.

Local journalists even managed to trace the entire chain of arms smuggling: weapons and equipment were bought from Moldovan arms depots by a certain company, the Techipeks NGO, associated with former President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko, which, in turn, resold the “cargo” to the militants through several intermediary companies. Smuggling, naturally, passed through the territory of Turkey, which, in turn, was provided by the son of the Turkish leader Bilal Erdogan.

Interestingly, all these data are also confirmed by the reports of the Center for the Study of Organized Crime and Corruption (OCCRP), which was created and operates with funds from the United States and the United Nations, and it is difficult to accuse its specialists of working for the Syrian government. Separate stories related to arms smuggling also appear in some NATO reports …

The next figure we are forced to recall is the daughter of Turkish President Sumeye Erdogan. At the beginning of 2014, she sought to volunteer in the Iraqi city of Mosul, then captured by ISIS fighters, however, her father dissuaded her from a dangerous trip, giving her the right to engage in “charity” in her homeland.

So, in 2015, with her participation, a military hospital was opened in Sanliurfa in southern Turkey, where ISIS fighters were treated. According to the Syrian special services, today this “healthcare institution” continues to function, only the “daisham” patients were replaced by the terrorists “Khayyat Tahrir al-Sham”, “Feylak al-Sham” and other gangs actively supported by Ankara.

In addition, there are minor sins for the daughter of the Turkish leader: immediately after coming to politics, she received about 30% of the shares in a company selling fruits and olives with a small authorized capital of 130 thousand US dollars. Today, this company is engaged in a relatively harmless business – the legalization of olives grown by militant families in Idlib. True, in exchange for agricultural products, terrorists get weapons and equipment, but this is of little interest to anyone …

Note that the Turkish president also has the eldest son – Ahmet Burak, he is 39 years old. He is engaged in the marine business, he owns a 99% stake in MB Denizcilik and his fortune is estimated at approximately $ 80 million. According to media reports, it is he who provides logistics solutions related to the transportation of Syrian oil abroad – mainly to Japan. However, among other things, the heir to Erdogan is actively involved in the smuggling of objects of historical and cultural significance. Being carried away by the history and culture of Islamic countries from his youth, Ahmet Burak has earned several million dollars over the past 10 years only through intermediary services for the resale of antique jewelry stolen in Syria and Iraq. Also, based on the data of the Syrian intelligence “Mukhabarat”, the eldest son of the Turkish president drops to the smuggling of ordinary precious metals, especially gold …

Some of the above facts describe the events of the past, some took place almost 5 years ago, however, knowing them you can understand a lot …

For example, Turkey’s plans to expand its military presence in the north of the Arab Republic are explained not only by the desire to destroy the Kurdish armed forces, but also to regain control of the oil transportation routes, and ideally also to seize the “black gold” deposits near the city of Raqqa.

As for Ankara’s plans to prevent reconciliation of the parties in Syria, everything is clear here – the arms business must bring money, and this requires war …


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