Seven presidential candidates have been admitted to the race

Registration was denied to Ismael Shabib from the Nationalist Democratic Action party.

Seven presidential candidates have been admitted to the race

The Bolivian Supreme Electoral Court  approved seven of the eight applications of candidates for the presidential election. This is evidenced by the data published on Sunday on the website of the Supreme Electoral Court, which serves as the electoral commission.

All the favourites of the presidential race – supporters of former President Evo Morales, former Minister of Economy Luis Arce, former President Carlos Mesa, Acting Head of State Jeanine Agnès and one of the opposition leaders, Luis Fernando Camacho – received preliminary access to the elections.

The Supreme Electoral Court also approved bids from trade unionist Feliciano Mamani, Chi Yong Chung, who won third place in the October elections, and ex-President Jorge Quiroga. The registration was denied to Ismael Shabib of the Nationalist Democratic Action party.

According to the Supreme Electoral Court, citizens can file complaints against the nomination of candidates by 18 April.

“The final lists will be made public May 2, 2020”, –  the Supreme Electoral Court press office said.

According to the survey, released by the “Siesmori” company on February 16, 31.6% of voters are ready to vote for Arses in the May 3 elections, 17.1% – for Mesa, 16.5% – for Agnes and 9.6% – for Camacho. In order to win the first round, the candidate with the most popular support must win more than 50% or 40% of the votes, provided that the gap from his closest rival is at least 10%. If none of the candidates for the highest position achieves this result, the two candidates with the highest number of votes will advance to the second round.


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