New weapons will be presented in Russia – the first details have been revealed

The Russian military-industrial complex is ready to strike another blow to the authority of the American.

New weapons will be presented in Russia - the first details have been revealed

A veteran of the Israeli security services, Yaakov Kedmi, told about it.

He noted that the current Russian military developments are ten years ahead of the American ones, because the defense capabilities of the United States do not allow to oppose Russia’s strategic systems.

At the same time, Kedmi emphasized that the Pentagon’s problems are not over yet. The expert revealed some details of new Russian developments. We are talking about weapons whose characteristics will be based on completely new physical principles. Kedmi didn’t go into other details, but mentioned the gravitational weapon, which has incredible efficiency and will be a breakthrough of the global level. He noted that very soon Russia could report successful tests of this kind of system.

The expert draws attention to the fact that the gravitational weapons, together with the existing ones, will allow Russia to increase its distance from the U.S., where it is already seriously concerned about the achievements of the Russian military industrial complex.

As News Front reported, earlier the USA decided to shut down one of the most important projects for the USA, namely “Hypersonic Conventional Strike Weapon”. The program was supposed to give the United States a chance to catch up with Russia with its supersonic missile systems, but due to lack of funding it was decided to close it down.


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