“Background of hate”: political scientist on the US charges on coronavirus fakes

Accusing Russia of a campaign to misinform about coronavirus is part of the US information war, said the American scientist, an expert at the International Institute for Humanitarian and Political Studies, Vladimir Bruter, FAN reports.

“The United States continues to unreasonably blame Russia for everything it has to. Just to support a background of hatred, a background of accusing Russia of all the troubles of mankind. The US is beneficial to make Russia an aggressor, an inadequate country that behaves incorrectly in order to encourage a hostile attitude towards Russia both in the elites and in society. This allows the Americans to persecute our country, impose sanctions against it and its citizens… This is known, there is nothing new in the behavior of the United States”, – Bruter noted.

According to him, in this situation, Russia behaves very diplomatically. The country will solve its problems: increase its own security, stabilize the internal situation, and establish contacts with other states.

The United States is mistaken in believing that their advantage in the information field helps them make other countries believe in fakes about Russia, the political scientist concluded.

The US State Department spokesman Philip Ricker said on Tuesday that thousands of Russian-related social media accounts are allegedly spreading alarming messages about the Chinese coronavirus.

According to Riker, the Russian campaign claims that the COVID-19 virus is a biological weapon produced by the CIA “to wage an economic war with China”.


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