Venezuelan impostor wants to arrange “democracy” in the

Venezuelan impostor wants to arrange “democracy” in the country with the help of Russia.

The self-proclaimed “president” of Venezuela, Juan Guaido, suddenly turned for help to Russia and China, who support the elected head of the Bolivarian Republic, Nicolas Maduro.

According to Guaido, these states could well help him “restore democracy”, which in this case means the overthrow of Maduro and the holding of early presidential elections. The impostor spoke about the creation of certain international commissions in which “everyone” will be involved. The aim of these structures, as Guaido explains, will be to increase pressure to complete the coup d’etat attempt in Venezuela, which lasted more than a year.

“We will increase pressure, as well as turn to Russia and China, countries that today have influence on the regime and can contribute to the restoration of democracy”, – said Juan Guaidó.

As News Front previously reported, the situation in Venezuela escalated in January last year when, with the support of the US administration, Juan Guaido proclaimed himself the “president” of the country. Since then, the US henchman has repeatedly tried to implement the revolutionary scenario in Venezuela and even tried to entice the Armed Forces to his side, but all these plans were doomed to failure due to lack of support.

In May 2019, Juan Guaidó organized a series of major acts of disobedience, which were marked by clashes with the police and riots, although Nicolas Maduro proposed constructive negotiations. It is noteworthy that after the failure of this attempted coup, Guaido nevertheless agreed to a dialogue.


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