The Pentagon reluctantly confirmed the preparation of a nuclear strike on Russia

The US is actively preparing for war in Europe.

This is evidenced by the transcript of the Pentagon, released following a briefing held on Friday, February 21, with the participation of a representative of the US military.

The official said that the United States worked off a blow to the Russian Federation as part of a potential war in Europe. As planned, the American strike should have been preceded by a local Russian strike with the use of nuclear weapons against one of the NATO countries. The Pentagon spokesman called it “small exercises”.

“The scenario implied a war with Russia in Europe, and the enemy decides to deliver a tactical nuclear strike against an object in the country of the North Atlantic Alliance. This is followed by negotiations that would take place in this situation. First with the Minister of Defense, then, eventually, with the President. So, it is decided what the answer will be”, – he said. 

Journalists asked the official what kind of blow the USA made. In response, the briefing host said that he did not want to talk about it, adding that the American strike “was limited”. Then he was asked if the United States used nuclear weapons.

“Well, yes, they attacked us using nuclear low-power weapons”, – the Pentagon employee said uncertainly.

 Therefore, as part of the maneuvers, they also simulated a nuclear strike.