Russia saved the Ukrainian not only from the coronavirus, but also from Ukraine

Russia has not left a citizen of Ukraine at the epicenter of the epidemic.

Russia saved the Ukrainian not only from the coronavirus, but also from Ukraine

The Ukrainian, who was in China, at the very last moment asked for help, and not at the Ukrainian mission, but at the Russian embassy. In this regard, the employees of the Chinese airport had to distract for an hour with stories and jokes.

This was told by the first secretary of the Russian diplomatic mission in China Konstantin Nevezhkin.

The diplomat explained that Russia had evacuated not only its citizens, but also citizens of other CIS countries who appealed to the embassy.

“We have already registered everyone, but suddenly they call from the embassy and say that a Ukrainian has contacted them and is asking them to take him out. We were given a command to pick it up. I am standing at the front desk, everyone has already passed through the lists. The Chinese are in chemical protection suits, and we understand that for them the order and requirements come first, especially now. They say: you can’t wait, you have to leave”, – Nevezhkin says.

The fact is that airport employees needed to dispose of their uniforms and undergo disinfection, since it was time to hand over the shift. Then the representative of the embassy began to find out where the Ukrainian is. It turned out that he was trying to get to the airport by taxi, but could not come. In this regard, the airport staff had to be kept for an hour.

“I told them Russian jokes in Chinese, student stories, but we waited for Ukrainians”, – the diplomat continued.

Nevezhkin also drew attention to how they met the evacuated in Ukraine. According to him, it is “painful to watch” this. Thus, the Ukrainian, who was saved by the Russians, was seriously lucky.

As News Front previously reported, Ukraine has long delayed the evacuation of its citizens from China. When they nevertheless decided to take them out, one Ukrainian woman was thrown into the epicenter of the coronavirus epidemic.

The girl was left in China with virtually no food and the opportunity to purchase her because of the new quarantine conditions. Those who were taken to their homeland were nearly killed by local residents, fearing infection. In the village of Novye Sanzhary, where they planned to place the evacuees, people built barricades, threw stones at the rescued compatriots and attacked the police. The whole world discussed the scandalous situation, and Vladimir Zelensky compared Ukraine to medieval Europe.


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