Century scandal is brewing in the EU: Soros has exploited the main pride of a democratic Europe for years

In the European Parliament, the surfaced facts have already been called “terrifying”.

An independent journalistic investigation revealed the extremely dubious connections of the staff of the European Court of Human Rights, one of the most important structures of modern Europe, which was a clear demonstration of commitment to humanism. Now, the impartiality of this body has been called into question, since the judges of the ECHR were associated with the notorious Open Society Foundation of the American oligarch George Soros.

Scandalous communications were found by journalists of the French edition of Valeurs actuelles. As it turned out, since 2009, the staff of the European Court have been under the direct or indirect influence of Soros. It is important to note that we are talking about a hundred judges of the ECHR.

Member of the European Parliament Nicholas Bay, commenting on the scandal, called the published information “terrifying”. He lamented that the system of various non-governmental organizations allowed George Soros to gain power, which many states do not have.

Such a blow to the authority of the ECHR has also had political consequences. The leader of the French party “National Association” Marine Le Pen has already called for an end to the implementation of court orders.

“A free country must fight such anti-democratic manipulations”, – she wrote on a social network.

Until now, the European Court of Human Rights has been an authoritative body and a subject of pride of the European Union. Its decisions were binding on the member countries of the Council of Europe. The ECHR has forced other governments to rewrite their own laws. Over the past half century, the court has issued over 10 thousand such decisions.