Washington intends to cease support for Kosovo: Separatists go too far with disobedience

Pristina will have to abandon its provocative initiatives that put an end to the prospect of a political settlement of the conflict.

Washington intends to cease support for Kosovo: Separatists go too far with disobedience

This was reported by the Kosovo edition of Gazeta Express, citing its own sources among US officials.

According to media reports, Washington put forward a harsh ultimatum to Pristina, according to which it will have to abandon one hundred percent duties on goods from Serbia. If this does not happen, the American armed forces will leave the territory of the self-proclaimed “republic.”

The position of the US administration to the Kosovo authorities was conveyed by the US ambassador to the quasi-state Philip Cosnett. During negotiations with the head of the local “government” Albin Kurti, the diplomat spoke about Washington’s intention to withdraw its troops.

The publication is sure that there is indeed a threat, since this information is not the first to appear in Kosovo. The conditions put forward by the States were discussed here a few months ago, but then there was no official confirmation of this information.

In addition, Cosnett recently emphasized that only the rejection of Pristina’s destructive solution would allow a return to dialogue with Belgrade.

“The next step in this process should be the immediate abolition of duties by Kosovo, and without preconditions,” said the head of the diplomatic mission. “I am sure that if this happens, Belgrade will also take steps towards meeting to continue the negotiation process.”

As News Front previously reported, the head of the self-proclaimed “Republic of Kosovo,” Hashim Thachi, also stated during his visit to Munich that he must obey his “partners.” Otherwise, Kosovo runs the risk of becoming internationally isolated without a chance of economic development or political achievement. At the same time, the head of the Kosovo “government” Albin Kurti announced that Pristina was ready to sacrifice even the prospect of resolving the crisis, if only to leave Serbia with nothing.