The Guardian: Trump suggested having mercy on Assange if the latter confirms Russia did not participate in the leak

The Guardian: according to a London court, Trump suggested having mercy on Assange if he said that Russia was not responsible for the leak of Democratic Party e-mails. 

Such a request was made in Westminster Court on the eve of Assange’s upcoming legal battle next week for obstructing his extradition to the United States, where he was charged with publishing hacked documents.

Assange’s lawyers said that during a visit to London in August 2017, Congresswoman Dana Rohrabacher told the founder of WikiLeaks that “according to the president’s instructions, the accused was offered pardon or “some other way out” if Assange would have said that Russia has nothing to do with leakage of documents of the Democratic National Committee”.

However, the allegation was later refuted by a former Republican congressman appointed by Assange Law Group as a key witness.