The charge against Russia in the MH17 case collapses – a loud confession came out

There are more and more questions for the western investigation team.

The charge against Russia in the MH17 case collapses - a loud confession came out

For years the Joint Investigation Group in the Netherlands, which accused Russia of hitting a Malaysian airliner, knew from the very beginning that Russian missile systems simply could not do it.

A statement to this effect was made on Thursday, February 20, at the press service of the Australian Federal Police. A law enforcement communiqué is published by the TASS news agency.

Thus, in Australia confirmed the authenticity of the information, which a few days ago presented the journalist Max Van der Verff. As News Front reported earlier, he made public the documentation of the legal department of the Netherlands Military Intelligence and Security Service.

The materials provided confirmed that the MH17 flight flying over the war zone was beyond the reach of Russian air defense systems. Moreover, the prosecutors did not have any evidence of the transfer of Russian Buk anti-aircraft missile systems to Donbass.

The Australian police, in turn, indicated that the documents “were made public without permission”,  but acknowledged their authenticity.

“Some of the documents, which were made public the day before without permission, belong to the Australian Federal Police and were developed as part of the Joint Investigation Team investigation”, –  said in a statement of the agency.

Recall that a passenger aircraft of Malaysian Airlines crashed in Donbass on July 17, 2014, and the Western community used the tragedy for political purposes. The lack of real evidence did not prevent us from putting all the blame on Russia. This is what the so-called Joint Investigation Group has been doing for many years, while ignoring evidence of involvement in the crash of Ukrainian troops.

When the JIT presented elements of an airplane missile with the serial number still intact, the Russian Ministry of Defense provided information about the missile. As it turned out, the missile had been manufactured back in Soviet times, and at the same time it had been transferred to a military unit in Ukraine. There, the ammunition remained after the collapse of the Soviet Union.


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