The alleged shooter from Hanau is a 43-year-old German national

Head of the Interior Ministry of the Federal State of Hesse Peter Boit said Thursday that the shooting in the city of Hanau was allegedly opened by a 43-year-old German citizen.

This is reported by  the TV channel n-tv.

According to Boyt, the alleged shooter, Tobias R., who was found dead, legally owned the weapon.

The German Prosecutor General’s Office is investigating the shooting in Hanau as a possible terrorist act, Hessen Interior Minister said. The head of the Land Ministry also noted that the previously alleged shooter had not been in the sight of law enforcement agencies.

On Thursday night, an unknown assailant attacked two hookahs and a betting shop in Hanau in the federal state of Hessen in central Germany, killing nine people and injuring four others, according to recent reports. The alleged perpetrator was later found dead in his home and another body was found nearby. According to the head of the Hessian Interior Ministry, it belongs to the mother of the shooter.

Earlier, the tabloid Bild reported that the alleged shooter Tobias R. could have adhered to right-wing radical ideas, he left a video and a written confession to the crime. According to Anadolu agency, his five victims are ethnic Turks.
Hanau is 20 kilometers from the EU financial capital Frankfurt am Main, where one of the largest airports in continental Europe is located.