Thank you and good luck – Trump reached the main culprit of the impeachment

The US President Donald Trump said goodbye to another objectionable official in his best traditions.

John Rood, who until recently served as deputy head of the Pentagon, is implied. In this high position, he made a decision that created the basis for the scandalous Trump’s impeachment case. It was John Rood who signed the approval of military assistance to Ukraine in the amount of $250 million by the US Congress – the very one that the President’s administration then “froze”.

In correspondence with the head of the Pentagon, Mark Esper, Rood insisted on providing assistance to Kiev. This happened on the same day when the notorious telephone conversation between Vladimir Zelensky and Donald Trump took place.

Rood’s actions cost him a career two years later in the chair of the US Under Secretary of Defense for Political Affairs. According to sources from the Bloomberg agency, Rood has recently been pressured by those who “did not believe in his willingness to implement Trump’s ideas”.

“I want to say thanks to John Rood for his service to our country and wish him good luck in the future”, – according to his tradition, Donald Trump wrote on his Twitter page.

As News Front previously reported, Republican parliamentary organizer of the House of Representatives Stephen Skalis demanded that the names of those who participated in the campaign against Donald Trump and abuse his powers be disclosed. According to him, such officials should go to jail.