One Chinese man circled the American system around his finger – how the USA became sponsors of the PRC army

More than 3 billion dollars flowed smoothly from the United States to the accounts of Chinese companies.

This statement was made by the US Congressman James Banks on the Fox News Channel.

He uncovered a shameful omission for the United States that was not only worth the enormous financial loss. What is more important is that at the expense of American civil servants, the modernization of the Chinese Navy, a key strategic opponent of the United States, was sponsored. All this was able to provide only one official of Chinese origin, Yu Ben Meng.

As a graduate of the Thousand Talents program, he was able to get the post of investment director of CalPERS, the California Public Servant Pension System.

“Yu Ben Mana was persuaded to monitor the largest US pension fund, from which he transferred $ 3.1 billion to the accounts of 172 Chinese companies”, – complained the congressman.

The situation is aggravated by the fact that money was also transferred to those companies that are developing military technologies for the Armed Forces of China and naval shipbuilding.

“Day after day, President Trump and I are working to revive our army. We have made the largest investment in the Armed Forces in the history of America. We do this in order to counter the Chinese threat, but it turns out that the CalPERS investment fund is sponsoring China’s military shipbuilding”, – Benks resents.

He also acknowledged that this could happen in other United States pension schemes.

The California Public Servant Pension System is recognized not only as the largest US pension fund, but also as one of the most influential US shareholders.


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