Linderman suspects Latvian special services are preparing a provocation

The Latvian opposition journalist and public figure Vladimir Linderman, who had previously been detained several times on charges of “anti-state activity”, said he had found signs of unknown persons entering his apartment.

Linderman suspects that the Latvian special services are preparing a provocation

Linderman, who posted on the social network photos of nests left after bulbs pulled out from the ceiling, does not exclude that a provocation is being prepared against him.

“This is such an oil painting. Bulbs in the toilet are pulled out of nests in a suspended ceiling. Found by returning home after a seven-hour absence. Including Polansky, who went to the cinema at the “Officer and Spy”, which is symbolic. Who could do this? I exclude Kota Hippo, for all his intellectual and sporting merits. There remain “officers and spies”, that is, employees of the State Security Service or another Latvian special service. Something planted: cartridges, a bag of powder, a flash drive with child porn? (I remembered the story with Yura Alekseev). But then the bulbs would be put in place. It would rather be just a mental attack. But the ceiling is still likely to have to be broken to check. For safety reasons, he wrote to the prosecutor general’s office: I suspect that illegal operational activities are being conducted against me”, – said Linderman.

This post was commented by opposition journalist Yuri Alekseev, who is currently under investigation and recognizance not to leave. Alekseev recalled that unidentified men threw live ammunition into his apartment – later found during a search by state security officers.

“It looks like he scared me… I found ammunition in the exact same places 2.5 years ago. Volodya, urgently call the police and draw up a protocol”, – Alekseev called.


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