“We saw something similar in Bosnia” – Zelensky received a clear signal on Donbass from the USA

Washington did not appreciate Vladimir Zelensky’s initiative. Thus, Kurt Volker, an American diplomat and the former US State Department special envoy for Ukraine, assured that Kiev’s peacekeeping plans are doomed to failure.

According to him, this has already happened in the Balkans. Walker praised the current leadership of Ukraine for attempts and aspirations, but said that holding elections in the territory of Donbass is not worth it.

“If we make a comparison between the position of the current and previous leadership of Ukraine in matters related to the Donbass, then today the position is really more open, there is more desire regarding the prospects of the elections. It is possible that this is due to their ability to win the election”, – Volker says.

At the same time, he assured that he had never even heard that the possibility of implementing the Minsk Agreement clause regarding local elections was really seriously discussed in Kiev.

“This is not the first time that this has happened in the world. We have seen the similar situation in Bosnia. Nothing good came out of it. I also want to focus on the fact that I have never heard that this was considered by Ukraine”, – the American politician said.

Holding the elections in the territory of Donbass is one of the points of Minsk agreements. In Kiev, contradictory statements have repeatedly been made regarding the conduct of the election process. In particular, Vladimir Zelensky did not rule out elections to be held this fall. At the same time, the Ukrainian authorities insist on transferring control over a section of the border between LDNR and Russia to Kiev before the elections, which contradicts the agreements.


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