Kiev can make a powerful Asian enemy

Trump’s administration is one step away from a big victory in a strategic confrontation.

This is reported by the American edition of “BuzzFeed”.

According to the mass media, this victory will be ensured by Kiev if it sells a controlling stake in the Ukrainian aircraft manufacturer Motor Sich to a US company.

Earlier, Chinese companies wanted to buy the Ukrainian plant. The relevant agreements were reached back in 2017. At that time, the co-owner of the plant, Vyacheslav Boguslayev, ceded 56% of the shares in the Beijing Skyrizon Aviation Industry Investment corporation. Moreover, Beijing planned to invest 100 million dollars. However, the deal saw a threat to national security, so it was frozen in 2018.

The publication notes that China needs the Ukrainian enterprise to modernize its own aviation. And this fact was not satisfied with the United States, which actively tried to prevent it. Now there is a potential buyer of Motor Sich factory in the USA as well.

A Ukrainian source told journalists that the decision to sell the enterprise will be presented in March. Although Zelenskyy officially says that he does not interfere in the situation, in reality he is aware of the geopolitical confrontation between China and the USA. Besides, sources claim that Washington has found an approach to Kiev on this issue.

Thus, the American company Oriole Capital Group has all chances to get a Ukrainian strategic enterprise. At the same time, the firm’s management admitted that the State Department and the US Embassy in Kyiv actively lobbied for its interests.

It is obvious that the Ukrainian authorities have found themselves in an extremely disadvantageous position. Having derailed a previously concluded deal with Beijing and placed the enterprise under US control, Kyiv will seriously undermine bilateral relations with China.