Federation Council says US sanctions will not force Russia to stop supporting Venezuela

Russia will continue to support Venezuela despite the US sanctions, Washington has once again shown economic rudeness, said the Head of the international committee of the Federation Council, Konstantin Kosachev.

Federation Council says US sanctions will not force Russia to stop supporting Venezuela

The US Treasury Department has added to the sanctions list Swiss-based Rosneft Trading and chairman of its board of directors Didier Kasimiro for mediating in the sale and transportation of Venezuelan oil.

“In essence, these are sanctions for preventing US interference in the affairs of another state: no one dares to stand in the way of Washington to its next victim”, – the senator wrote on Facebook.

According to him, this behavior is not even of the world gendarme, but of “a global bully roughly using his economic power in political interests”.

“Of course, we will not accept any justification for this economic rudeness, and we consider this the next unfriendly act in the hybrid US war, not only against Venezuela, but also against Russia, as well as against all free world trade”, – Kosachev emphasized.

The senator noted that in this war there will be no winner by definition, because “by losing Russia as a partner and undermining market freedom, the United States is losing its reputation as a responsible international player”.

Sanctions are already being hit “over the squares”, and this means that it is becoming increasingly risky for anyone to deal with American business: at any time, the US Treasury or lawmakers can come up with an excuse for another reprisal, Kosachev said.

“It is safer for other countries to trade with each other than to get involved with the unpredictable American sanctions machine, which again does not suit the political system in another country”, – the legislator noted.

“Of course, we will not obey, and we will support Venezuela”, –  Kosachev emphasized.

He noted that “the US has already robbed this country of more than $100 billion” and unjustly accused President Nicolas Maduro of disasters.

“He may have made mistakes, but this is not a reason for external economic aggression”, – the parliamentarian concluded.


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