Federation Council assessed the US plan to promote “democratic values” in Ukraine

Member of the Federation Council Committee on Foreign Affairs, the Crimean Senator Sergey Tsekov, commented on the plans of the United States to nurture a sense of responsibility for the European future of the country and develop “democratic values” in the minds of Ukrainian youth.

“These funds will not be invested in nurturing the European values, a sense of justice and democracy. With their help, the young generation of Ukraine will be instilled with anti-Russian sentiment. All the work is being done on  the conception of opposition. Although all these values ​​are very much in doubt even in Europe”, – he said.

According to Tsekov, the United States cannot openly talk about the goals for which such large sums are allocated.

“Such a policy towards Ukraine is a continuation of all that the Americans have been doing throughout the years of its independence. Nevertheless, their work is already starting to fail. In Ukraine, they begin to understand that America needs them only to fight Russia, as a kind of a buffer territory”, – the senator concluded.

The United States Agency for International Development plans to allocate $38 million to educate young people in Ukraine of a sense of responsibility for the country’s future in Europe and the development of “democratic values”.

It is specified that this program is aimed at young people aged 10 to 35 years.


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