The US Congress passed anti-American sanctions and pretended to be so conceived

In another outburst of Russophobia, the United States broke out with sanctions with a very unexpected effect.

The US Congress passed anti-American sanctions and pretended to be so conceived

This was told by the American publicist Richard Sawaya in the material for the publication “The Hill”.

According to him, the peculiarity of the so-called American pressure on Russia is that there is really no pressure. At the same time, lawmakers persistently ignore the fact that their initiatives are more likely anti-American.

At the end of last year, Congress supported sanctions against the Russian energy sector. Only pressure is actually being exerted on US companies, which are obliged to withdraw from any projects where at least a minority share belongs to the Russian Federation. Savia emphasizes that there are about 150 such projects in 50 countries around the world, and all of them play a serious role in the energy market. Washington’s demands, the author explains, will lead to a catastrophic chain reaction and, ultimately, will hit United States small businesses.

Moreover, allegedly anti-Russian sanctions actually allow Moscow to squeeze the United States out of any energy project by buying a minority stake, the journalist complains.

A similar situation with Russian sovereign debt. By banning US entrepreneurs from dealing with related transactions, Congress stripped them of their competitive advantage over other countries.

Sawaya noted that today about 3 thousand American companies are participating in projects where Russian representatives are also involved. Washington left them only one option: to cease their activities, despite the resources invested. And all this was done quite consciously, the author continues. Thus, sanctions allowed Washington not only to build an anti-Russian foreign policy, but also to find a rationale for introducing tight control over the US economy.