The Bolivian Electorate announced the dismissal of 60% of candidates

The President of the Supreme Electoral Court of Bolivia (TSE) announced the postponement of the announcement of the results of the appeal of the candidates in the upcoming general elections and the dismissal of the majority of candidates who had received warnings.

The Bolivian Electorate announced the dismissal of 60% of candidates

“Of all the candidates who received comments and had to provide the missing documents, at least 60% were suspended because they could not provide them”, –  TSE President Salvador Romero told reporters the recording of the interview was published on RTP Bolivia’s Twitter channel.

According to the judge, the candidates of ex-president Evo Morales and all the candidates who received comments are in the process of appeal, while an in-depth analysis is necessary to clarify the electoral process.
Romero found it difficult to name a specific day for the completion of the appeal process, assuring that it will be completed as soon as possible.

Previously, the media reported that the Movement for Socialism submitted the missing documents on time for its candidate for senator Evo Morales, who is banned from running for president, as well as for presidential candidate Luis Arce, who headed the Ministry of Finance in the Morales government.

After the opposition, led by Carlos Mesa, claimed massive irregularities in the elections of 20 October 2019, Morales resigned as president under pressure from the military and left the country. He was followed by the resignation of the entire Bolivian top leadership and the transfer of power to the opposition Vice-Speaker of the Senate, Jeanine Agnès. The authorities announced the holding of new presidential elections. Morales was not allowed to run as a candidate, he was in Argentina, from where he led the presidential campaign of his Movement for Socialism. The date for the general election was set by the Bolivian Supreme Electoral Court on 3 May.


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