The U.S. carried out an aerial provocation in Syria

Against the background of the large-scale confrontation unfolding in Syria, the U.S. troops decided to make a provocation by sending the plane to the Russian military base.

The U.S. carried out an aerial provocation in Syria

The U.S. Navy’s EP-3 aircraft for air reconnaissance is said to have headed for Tartus Naval Base, where Russian troops are stationed. The incident took place against the background of the battles for Aleppo, when the Russian Navy carried out air strikes on the locations of the terrorists. Russia was forced to respond to provocative actions.

Thus, the portal “Operational Line” specifies that last night at 16.48 MSK from the air base Khmeimimi flew a fighter jet, presumably a Su-35, to intercept the American aircraft. It was accompanied by an American aircraft whose mission had never been established.

Earlier, News Front repeatedly reported that the American administration opposes the defeat of terrorists in Syria. At the beginning of the month, after the government troops of the Arab Republic conducted a successful operation in the Idlib de-escalation zone, the U.S. Special Representative for Syria James Jeffrey laid the responsibility for the successes of the Syrian army on Russia and demanded that it “change its policy” in the region. In addition, last week in Washington it was openly stated that the cessation of armed conflict in Syria is outside of American interests. The Russian side was again named the culprit.


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