The largest alliance of militants in Syria has decided to withdraw

The offensive of Syrian troops in Idlib is producing unexpected results.

The largest alliance of militants in Syria has decided to withdraw

According to several Turkish media reports, the terrorist group Hayat Tahrir al-Sham may cease to exist. In particular, this was reported by the HaberTürk TV channel.

Bulent Aidemir, a journalist of the TV channel, reported that the gangsters are discussing his disbandment. However, he expressed confidence that it would be wrong to demand from Ankara to withdraw Turkish troops from Idlib province.

“If the real goal of Russia is the militants and their disengagement, that’s how Turkey will be able to do it now”, –  Aidemir said.

As News Front reported earlier, the de-escalation zone of Idlib remains the last major stronghold of terrorist groups in Syria. Hayyat Tahrir al-Sham is the largest of them and is in fact an alliance of several gangs. The situation in Idlib is explained by the fact that it was here that militants from their Eastern Guta and southern regions of the Arab Republic began to be brought in 2017.

Recently, government troops have launched a large-scale offensive to stop the jihadist rampage. Such actions have caused discontent of the USA and Turkey in particular. Ankara was against the offensive in Idlib, although Damascus was forced to act precisely because the Turkish side was unable to fulfill the terms of the Sochi memorandum on the demilitarized zone.

The situation had been exacerbated by the death of several Turkish soldiers who had come under artillery fire from the Syrian Arab Army. In response, Ankara has begun to take retaliatory action that threatens the settlement process. In particular, the Turkish army has attacked Syrian army installations and deployed additional forces in Idlib.


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