Moldovan opposition “occupies” parliament at the cost of its own principles

Maya Sandu may reconsider her position regarding accomplices of fugitive oligarch Vladimir Plahotniuc. This was told by political analyst Sergei Manastryli on the air of the Sputnik Moldova radio station.

Moldoval parliament

According to him, today there is a real prospect of combining the pro-Western bloc “ACUM”, headed by former Prime Minister Maya Sandu, and the Democratic Party, which is now also headed by former Prime Minister Pavel Filip.

The political scientist is convinced that such an alliance is possible even despite the fact that Sandu categorically refused in the past to deal with people of the former PDM head, Vladimir Plahotniuc. It was she who threatened to fight the corruption system that Plahotniuc created in the republic. However, her priorities have now changed. Now she needs to put pressure on the socialists and President Igor Dodon, and this is only possible with a coalition in parliament.

“It will be pressure to push through some decisions. For example, those related to foreign policy or, as they themselves said, to confirm the pro-European course of the republic, ” explains Manastryly.

At the same time, he drew attention to the fact that ACUM and the Democratic Party, although they have disagreements, agree on a commitment to the pro-Western foreign policy vector. From this point of view, they could well hit the weak spot of the Party of Socialists, which does not have a parliamentary majority.

Manastryly is confident that such a alignment will be beneficial to the Democrats, who are going through hard times and are happy to take the chance to benefit. It is possible that they will even blackmail the socialists with their collaboration with ACUM.