Kosovo appreciates the grim consequences of disobeying Washington

The future of quasi-state is in the hands of Western elites. Such recognition was made by the head of the self-proclaimed “Republic of Kosovo” Hashim Thachi as part of his visit to Munich.

american demoracy

According to him, attempts to act without coordination with the “partners” will lead to the fact that Kosovo will be in international isolation without a chance of economic development or political achievement.

This statement was made against the backdrop of Western demands to abandon one hundred percent duties on Serbian goods that Pristina had introduced earlier. This step, along with the creation of the army, led to the cessation of dialogue with Belgrade on the issue of Kosovo settlement.

Now, US President Donald Trump and Department of State Head Michael Pompeo have “blessed” Kosovo with their attention, says Tachi, stressing that Pristina should not miss this opportunity.

“If we take this opportunity, we can get decades of economic growth. If we miss, we will remain backward, tormented, in international isolation without a chance of economic, political or diplomatic success, ” said the head of the pseudo-republic.

As News Front previously reported, the head of the Kosovo “government”, Albin Kurti, said that Pristina was ready to sacrifice even the prospect of resolving the crisis, just to leave Serbia with nothing.