A militant shell manufacturing facility was discovered In Idlib

A militant shell-manufacturing workshop has been found in the recently liberated Syrian Ma’aret al-Nu’man. Among the most interesting finds is a gunpowder container from the 155mm U.S. M1 “Long Tom” gun, which the militants used to produce smaller projectiles from somewhere in the west.

In Ma’aret al-Nu’man (Idlib province), terrorists had been operating for nearly seven years. There are several defence lines, dozens of fortified points and a firing point in every dwelling house. The city is a fortress. Syrian engineers are only now dealing with the deadly “inheritance” left by the militants.
“After we liberated Maaret al-Nuuman, we immediately began demining. We are trying to do it as soon as possible, but you can see how much is lying here just on the ground – all this has to be taken to the range for safe destruction,” explained to reporters Lt 9th Corps Syrian Army Lieutenant Basim Deub.
For example, on the eastern outskirts of the city, where the front line passed, an abandoned bed from a bush mortar and a whole mountain of 120 mm mines were found.

Not far from the defeated calculation – an underground manhole, cut right through the rock. Where it leads, it is not clear yet – the climbing hole is flooded with water. But we can assume that a hatch was found in the cave in the rock – at its bottom, which sappers, however, have not yet checked. There was a sort of barracks in the cave – the cave was even covered with an iron door. Mattresses of modern troglodytes are still lying on the floor. Nearby – cylinders from Turkish-made assembly foam, perhaps the guerrillas were trying to somehow arrange their lives, closing the gaps in the dwelling.