Democrats ready to change their old Biden to Bloomberg

The Texas Tribune conducted a survey against the background of the primaries of the American Democratic Party, which are already in full swing in the United States.

Interviewed, of course, residents of the state of Texas. He is the second largest and will vote on March 3rd.

So, Bernie Sanders leads with 24%. He is followed by Joe Biden with a support level of 22%. The third place and 15% of the votes were given to Elizabeth Warren.

Michael Bloomberg broke into fourth place. But the main thing is different – since December, its support level has grown tenfold. Here the question already arises: is it possible to buy the post of president of the United States?

Bloomberg is the ninth in the ranking of the richest people on the planet. He can calmly lower millions to his presidential campaign. In the case of advertising, he does so. He is ready to spend at least a billion dollars on TV and radio alone.

Against such a background, we can confidently say that the Democrats have already leaked Biden. Now the party is frantically looking for a replacement once to the main contender for Trump’s rivals. This place may well take Bloomberg, who is clearly determined to compete for the chair of the American president.


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