The US has abandoned its obligations – European security will be built from scratch

The EU countries were left alone with modern threats.

This was told by German journalist Michael Tumann in his publication for the publication “Die Zeit”.

According to him, the current Munich Conference can be described in a single word – westerly, and all issues on the agenda are devoted to how to navigate in such a world. Tumann noted the symbolism that Washington did not delegate an important representative to Munich this time, but it is planned to deliver a speech by French President Emmanuel Macron, known for criticizing transatlantic cooperation.

The author recalled that last week Macron announced that the United States had abandoned its obligations as a defender of Europe. So, through the efforts of Washington, the strategically important agreements on arms control are terminated, as a result, Russia is deploying new missiles, and Europe does not even know how to respond. Against this background, Macron offered the Europeans a “strategic dialogue” that would allow them to decide what to do in the new conditions.

The ideas of the French leader are a rethinking of European security strategies without US involvement, Tumann explains. He emphasized that such measures may so far be taken within the framework of the North Atlantic Alliance, only without Washington’s participation. The problem is that Europe has to solve extremely complex tasks, in particular, to find effective measures of protection against modern weapons.

“Europeans need to plan their defense against new weapons from scratch. Automated attacks, cyber weapons, killer robots and battle drones are part of the arsenal of a future war. The war with the use of drones is already underway, moreover, in the vicinity of Europe, in Libya”, – the journalist said.


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