Radical anti-Serb demarche took place in Sarajevo

With the tacit consent of the West, Bosnian Serbs are threatened with a barbaric ultimatum.

So, the Sarajevo administration plans to destroy 13 thousand graves in which the Serbs are buried. The officials explain the scandalous decision by the absence of fees for leaving.

According to the Serbian publication Politika, similar initiatives have been voiced in Bosnia before. Now we are talking about a full-fledged legislative act that legitimizes barbaric pogroms in cemeteries.

The situation was commented on by the representative of the Serbs in the parliamentary assembly of Bosnia and Herzegovina Nenad Stevandich. He drew attention to the fact that the authors of the initiative are politicians who “regularly call for democracy and multiculturalism”.

“He destroyed the property of the Serbs. They destroyed the lives of the Serbs. Now they want to destroy the graves of the Serbs. Naturally, the international community does not respond to such actions. Now, if this were proposed in Banja Luka, it would have been discussed for a long time at the UN Security Council level”, – the politician said.

It is noteworthy that they returned to this destructive initiative amid the plans of the Republika Srpska to leave the composition of Bosnia and Herzegovina. As News Front reported, a member of the BiH Presidium Milorad Dodik previously reported this. He stated that the Dayton Accords ceased to exist, and even the United States would not interfere with the decision of Republika Srpska.


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