No country can stop the development of China, Beijing said

Foreign Minister Wang Yi, commenting on the concerns expressed in the United States regarding Beijing, said that no country could stop China’s movement toward modernization, since humanity is developing in this direction.

“Indeed, we have some problems (in relations with the USA). Some of them arose during our interaction with each other, some were created artificially. The root of all these problems and questions is that the USA does not want to see rapid development and wealth China. Even less would they like to see the success of a socialist state. This is unfair. China has the right to develop, the Chinese people have the right to live better. China’s movement towards modernization is an inevitable historical trend, and not the only one. It’s spread throughout the world because it represents the direction of human progress”, – Wang Yi said during a security conference in Munich, the event’s website broadcast his speech.

He emphasized that China “is ready to continue to develop equal and friendly relations with the United States” and would like to have “bilateral relations based on cooperation, interaction and stability”.

Earlier, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, speaking at the Munich Security Conference, said that Chinese technology companies are the Trojan horse for China’s intelligence. In addition, Pompeo noted that the Chinese Communist Party is a danger to the West. American Secretary of Defense Mark Esper, in turn, expressed the view that the use of Chinese developments poses a threat to the communication systems of Western countries.