Federation Council responded to Macron’s words about sanctions

Reasonable, common sense returns to French politicians faster than to many others. This was stated by the Chairman of the Federation Council Committee on Foreign Affairs Konstantin Kosachev.

Thus, he commented on the words of French President Emanuel Macron that sanctions did not bring anything positive to either Russia or Europe. According to the senator, this is not the first time the French leader has made a statement different from the usual rhetoric of NATO and the EU in relation to Russia.

“Six years of rather tough sanctions, which were aimed at forcing Russia to change its policy in a global context, in relation to the EU and NATO, to Ukraine, to the Crimean issue, did not lead to anything <…>, and Macron reacts to this”, – said Kosachev.

Earlier, the French president, speaking at the Munich Security Conference, said that the mutual sanctions of Russia and the EU did not bring any results and cost both parties too much. He also noted that Moscow cannot be “blocked and ignored”.