The Nord Stream-2 construction resumed, Washington can only helplessly observe

Even threats of sanctions did not help the United States disrupt the construction of the pipeline.

As you know, at the end of last year, the US Congress dragged along with the military budget a package of measures for the Nord Stream-2 gas pipeline. The initiative implied sanctions against companies involved in construction. In this regard, the pipe-laying vessels of the Swiss company Allseas stopped participating in the project when it remained to lay just 160 kilometers of the pipeline.

However, according to the monitoring portal MarineTraffic, the special vessel Nordnes, which runs under the flag of the Netherlands and belongs to the Norwegian company CSL Norway AS, approached the construction site of the gas pipeline. The ship left the Finnish port of Inkoo, after which it headed along the pipeline. Given this factor, the ship is filling up with gravel the already constructed part of the gas pipeline.

It is worth noting that this ship is not the first that, contrary to American sanctions, is carrying out work on the construction of Nord Stream-2. So, the Rockpiper ship, which is flying the flag of Cyprus, also carries out backfilling with rubble.

Moreover, as News Front previously reported, in about 2 months, the Russian pipe layer Akademik Chersky will arrive at the construction site, which will complete the project. The ship went to sea from the port of Nakhodka in the Far East and headed to Singapore, where it will arrive approximately on February 22.


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