Chinese Foreign Ministry accuses outside forces of rioting in Hong Kong

External forces are trying to maintain chaos in Hong Kong so as to influence the development of China as a whole, said Chinese Foreign Minister Wang I.

“Some foreign forces fear that the chaos in Hong Kong will stop, they are trying with all their might to create disorder in Hong Kong, and then influence and even interfere with the development of China as a whole. For the sake of this, they do not stop at anything, repeatedly cause violence in the streets, which led to to the serious damage to the rule of law in Hong Kong, but this is a temporary phenomenon and cannot last long”, – said Wang Yi in an interview with Reuters, the text of which is published on the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China.

Moreover, according to him, the efforts of the people of Hong Kong and with the support of the central government of China will soon restore stability and the rule of law in the city, and economic relations between the mainland and Hong Kong, in turn, will become closer.

Mass protests provoked by the consideration of the extradition bill have been held in Hong Kong since early June. After large-scale protests, Hong Kong authorities made concessions, and in early October, the bill was completely withdrawn. However, the protests did not stop, they became small, but more fierce. Over half a year, over 900 demonstrations, marches, and protests took place in Hong Kong.


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