Chinese Foreign Minister says US poses threat to China

Washington constantly calls Beijing a threat, but if to look at the facts, it’s obvious that the US is a threat to China, said Chinese Foreign Minister Wang I.

“China is fully prepared to follow the “five principles of peaceful coexistence” with the United States, to establish and develop long-term stable relations of friendship and cooperation. This is the approved policy of China. But the United States, on the contrary, is constantly putting pressure on China, criticizing and trying to denigrate China on any occasion. Those for whom it is a threat, it’s clear at first sight”, – Wang Yi said in an interview with Reuters, the text of which is published on the website of the PRC Foreign Ministry.

According to him, for example, the All-China Assembly of People’s Representatives (the Parliament – ed.) never adopted any bills related to US domestic politics or affairs, while Washington considered and approved a series of different bills, “which are gross interference in domestic affairs of China”.

He also noted that Chinese warships and aircraft never showed their strength near the water and airspace of the United States, while the American side constantly sends military ships and aircraft to “rattle with arms” at the doorstep of China.

The head of the Chinese Foreign Ministry also pointed out that China never imposed sanctions against American companies and always welcomed the investments of various US enterprises, trying to ensure a favorable business environment for them. However, the United States, he stressed, “is doing everything possible to put pressure on Chinese companies, impose so-called unilateral sanctions on them and resort to extraterritorial jurisdiction that limits China’s development rights”.