China says the US defends its single interests in Middle East

The US actions in the Middle East are aimed only at protecting their own interests, and not at ensuring stability and security, said the Chinese Foreign Minister Wang I.

“How many wars have the US launched in the Middle East over the past decades? How much damage has it done? How many troubles has the peoples of the Middle East done? And is it all to ensure security in the Middle East? Not only does the US approach not support stability and development, but vice versa immerses the region in endless turmoil and poverty”, – he said in an interview with Reuters, the text of which is published on the website of the Chinese Foreign Ministry.

The Minister stressed that the United States “in reality only protects its own interests, and does not benefit the countries of the Middle East”.

At the same time, China, said Wang Yi, is making every effort to contribute to security and stability in the Middle East in accordance with UN resolutions and the wishes of the countries of this region.

As an example, the Foreign Minister cited the fact that Beijing sent 1.8 thousand peacekeepers to the countries of the Middle East and for more than 10 years has ensured the safety of navigation in the Gulf of Aden. In addition, China organized a forum on Middle East security at which it proposed that the Cold War mentality be left in the past and that a common, comprehensive, sustainable, and cooperative security system be formed.

“In my opinion, the establishment of mutual trust between countries and the integration of common interests on the basis of mutually beneficial cooperation is a long-term and reliable guarantee of security, and not at all deterrence based solely on military power”, – the Minister concluded.