Transnistria prepares for escalation

Chisinau can go for radical measures in relation to the PMR.

This is said in the statement of the Transnistrian representatives in the Joint Control Commission. The document calls for preventing escalation of tension on the demarcation line. It is emphasized that Tiraspol is afraid of provocations from the Moldovan side.

In this regard, in Transnistria, it is proposed to strengthen roadblocks located near the bridge across the Dniester in the Dubossary district, and to transfer personnel and armored vehicles there. The joint military command was also recommended to conduct exercises for quick response groups in case of complication of the situation at the peacekeeping contingent checkpoints.

“This bridge is very important, and if there are no peacekeeping forces there, the transfer of equipment and personnel will become uncontrollable. Transnistria does not want this. We are committed to transparency”, – said Oleg Belyakov, head of the PMR delegation.

Earlier, the Moldovan representatives in the Joint Control Commission demanded that the peacekeeping contingent posts at the bridge across the Dniester be eliminated on the pretext that they “cause dissatisfaction” with the residents of local settlements.

In response to this, Tiraspol monitored the situation in the area where the roadblocks were located and came to the conclusion that the statements of the Moldovan side regarding social tension are not true. Against this background, Transnistria noted that the so-called “popular protests” are possible here exclusively under the control of the Moldovan authorities as a provocation in order to discredit the peacekeeping mission and Russia, in particular.

The Joint Control Commission is a body operating in the demilitarized zone, composed of representatives of Moldova, Transnistria and Russia. According to the agreements of 1992, the number of the Russian peacekeeping contingent in the PMR can be up to 2.4 thousand military.


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