One of the key Western projects is falling apart in the Balkans

The Serbs refused to tolerate the external pressure.

Thus, Milorad Dodik, a member of the Presidium of Bosnia and Herzegovina, announced that the Republika Srpska – an ethnicity within BiH – is starting the process of leaving public education.

The politician emphasized that “this process is irreversible”, and even Washington will not be able to stop it.

“We will implement this plan. Neither the United States nor anyone else will disturb us. We understand that the Dayton Accords ceased to exist. First of all, the factor of external interference contributed to this”, – said Milorad Dodik.

According to him, given the current political situation, the Republika Srpska was left with two options: simply cease to exist or allow itself to be destroyed by the “murderous complex” that was created by the efforts of the Western community in cooperation with Bosnia.

“At first they tried to push all this at the expense of a high-ranking representative and pressure. Now the Constitutional Court has gone into action, they are trying to justify their actions by following the letter of the law. Only if we act within the framework of the law, then the three embassies of other countries should not decide issues here”, – the politician continued.

On February 12, representatives of the Republika Srpska stopped working as part of the central authorities of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Dodik explained this precisely by the fact that too many foreigners act in the structure of the Constitutional Court with certain destructive goals.

“Bosnia is not the best place for the Serbs in terms of freedom. If foreign citizens do not leave the Constitutional Court, do not give it the opportunity to perform their functions, as in other states, then Bosnia and Herzegovina will cease to exist. Keep this in mind”, – he stated.

Dayton Accords – Agreements adopted under pressure from the Alliance by the parties to the Bosnian Civil War. They ensured the formation of BiH with the Republika Srpska in its composition. The name of the agreements is explained by the fact that they were agreed at the American military base in Dayton. The signing was preceded by the NATO operation “Deliberate Force”, in which the Alliance aviation launched a series of airstrikes on Bosnian Serbs.