European officials torpedo cooperation with Moldova for the sake of local opposition

The constructive interaction between Chisinau and Brussels is marred by misinformation.


This statement was made by the President of Moldova Igor Dodon on Friday, February 14.

He said that specific ambassadors of the European Union member states are engaged in undermining the bilateral cooperation. They block the interaction between the Moldovan government and the EU leadership, acting in the interests of the Moldovan pro-Western opposition.

“At least 3-4 ambassadors in charge of the bilateral relations with the European countries go through different structures and hinder the implementation of already existing projects. They persuade the government not to finance them”, –  Dodon said.

At the same time, he stressed that such diplomats pay excessive attention to specific opposition forces.

“If you have feelings for a particular party”, –  Dodon continued, – “it’s no problem to get the Moldovan citizenship and engage in politics here. For now, I insist that we strengthen the bilateral cooperation, not promote a party”.

As you know, Maya Sandu and her party “Action and Solidarity” are the most suitable for the West in Moldova. After spreading the scandal in the prime minister’s chair, Sandu launched a campaign against Igor Dodon, repeatedly promising to remove him from the presidency.


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