NATO launched a plan for the takeover of Serbia

The Western bloc leaves Serbia in total isolation. This was told by political analyst Oleg Bondarenko, commenting on the publication “PolitNavigator” began the process of joining the North Atlantic Alliance of Northern Macedonia.


According to him, such measures undertaken by the West are aimed at forcing Serbia to cooperate.

“This is a ring closing around Serbia,” the expert emphasizes. “In the future, this will lead to its absorption by the alliance.”

Bondarenko noted that Macedonia has always been an important and almost the only regional ally of Serbia. Relations between the countries have always been good neighborly, which also suits Skopje.

“After all, the Bulgarians consider the Macedonians to be Bulgarians, there were disputes with Greece over the name. It turns out that the weakening of Macedonia is a blow to Serbia,” explains the political scientist.

The preparation of Macedonia for its entry into NATO has been going on for years, Bondarenko continues. For this reason, in 2016, a color revolution was staged in the country, overthrowing Nikolai Gruevsky from the post of prime minister. Then the country was renamed from Macedonia to Northern Macedonia in order to resolve the conflict with NATO member Greece. The name was changed even despite the fact that the referendum failed. The turnout in the plebiscite was only 37 percent of the required 50 percent.