In Venezuela, an uncle of opposition activist Guaido was detained with explosives

Venezuelan authorities have detained a relative of one of the opposition leaders, Juan Guayido, on arrival in the country during an attempt to smuggle explosives on a TAP Portugal flight, reported the head of the Venezuelan National Assembly, Diosdado Cabello, on VTV channel.

In Venezuela, an uncle of opposition activist Guayido was detained with explosives

“He was carrying tactical lights with explosives in the battery compartments. Presumably synthetic C-4 explosives”, –  said Cabello, providing photos of the lanterns.

The head of the National Assembly added that the citizen Juan José Márquez brought this cargo aboard the TAP Portugal airline, where he was not registered as a passenger and was flying in a flak jacket.

The politician added that in addition to the explosives, the detainee’s personal belongings contained a memory card with a secret document in English and the phone number of a certain Charles, designated “Secret Service Agent, D.C.”.