In Europe, children’s literature from the Nazis, which was criticized even by the SS, is distributed

Hitler’s radical ideas in pictures for $13.

In Europe, children's literature from the Nazis, which was criticized even by the SS, is distributed

Another Nazi scandal erupted in the European expanses after Ernst Chimera’s book “Poisonous Mushroom” was suddenly found on sale in Czech bookstores.

It was first published in 1938 by the Nuremberg publishing house Der Stürmer. The 87-page book with illustrations by the artist Philip Rupprecht was in fact a simplified presentation of Hitler’s anti-Semitic ideas. Given the propagandistic orientation of the book, it was often even used as a textbook in the Third Reich.

Among other things, the provocative Chimera text contained “tips” for children on how to recognize a Jew, including by smell. The party leadership in Nazi Germany praised this “exemplary product of anti-Semitic agitation” for children and young people. Even among the Nazi ideologists of the time, however, there were those who called it dangerous. For example, the SS and the Security Service criticized Chimera’s book for being overly exaggerated and even grotesquely anti-Semitic.

Despite all this, the book is now freely sold in the Czech Republic for 300 crowns or about 13 dollars. In this case, the description of the book is openly called “classic anti-Semitic masterpiece”.

The correspondent Jakub Szanto who has paid attention to the book, has complained that in Europe already “cannot distinguish that it is possible to distribute and that is infringement of the law”. He stressed that law enforcement agencies should react quickly to what is happening. According to the available data, the proceedings are already underway.

It is worth noting that in Russia this book is included in the list of extremist materials of the Ministry of Justice.

News Front has repeatedly reported on similar scandals that occur in various European countries. For example, in Germany, against the background of the International Forum in memory of the Holocaust victims, beer of the German Reich with its characteristic symbols and even the price was put on sale. And in Venice, earlier bottles of wine with the image of Adolf Hitler and the Nazi slogan “Ein volk, ein reich, ein führer” on the label were seen.


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