Attempts to destroy Russia officially become illegal

Moscow will take into account the mistakes of the Soviet Union. In addition to other amendments, the Constitution of the Russian Federation may be banned from separating certain territories from the state.

Vladimir Putin

This idea was discussed at a meeting of the working group on the preparation of amendments to the main law with the participation of Russian leader Vladimir Putin.

“I like the idea itself,” the president said, proposing to hand it over to lawyers for a detailed study.

The idea was voiced by actor Vladimir Mashkov, who participated in the work of the group. He motivated this initiative with “people’s fears”, which he observed when traveling around the country.

“In the foreign media, especially near the border areas, the words of foreign political experts are heard, saying that we will not do anything with Putin at the head of Russia, but after the change of president, a “window of opportunity” will open. For example, pick up the Kuril Islands. Others pretend to Crimea, and some – to Kaliningrad. ”

According to him, in this connection it is necessary to make even negotiating regarding the alienation of Russian regions unconstitutional.

Recall that in Kiev, Crimea is still considered an “autonomous republic within Ukraine,” although even in the West, calls are increasingly being made to come to terms with the fact that the peninsula, whose inhabitants supported reunification with Russia during the referendum, will remain part of the Russian Federation forever.


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